The Advanced Development Program (ADP) was developed by the Markham Stouffville Stars Association for elite, young athletes striving to become a valuable contributor at the Junior, College or National Level.

Stars Advanced Development Program (ADP)


Continuous, high-level improvement, building confidence and helping players achieve their full potential. Our focus is physical skill development designed with the precise amount of high-level training.


The Stars Advanced Development Program teaches players the conceptual understanding of the game with a detailed focus on hockey strategies and situational improvement.


Coaches at the AA/A levels work together to identify players who are ideal for the ADP program. Players at U11 through U18 are taught the fundamental skills and team concepts that are required to play at the highest level of Stars Hockey.


Stars AA/A Program Outline


ADP is designed for elite athletes who are committed to continued development at the highest level of Hockey that provides a balance of sport and life commitments.

At each division players receive the highest level of training with a focus on individual development and team building experiences.

Players who are placed in the ADP program are routinely called up into AA practices, games, off ice workouts and video review.

The ADP program places a detailed focus on skill development beginning at U11. As the athlete matures into a hockey player, concepts, structure, and system play are appropriately introduced. More advanced concepts and high-level skill development is the focus as players progress through the Advanced Development Program.


While the programs are identical, the focus from A to AA are based on progressive elements and the athletes’ ability to perform. U11 through U15AA/A programs seeks to align their development resources, standards, and principles with the U18AA/ A program. Along with the introduction of advanced team tactics, team play systems and strategy, there is a commitment to a player-centred approach in developing mastery of essential hockey skills. Players receive the foundation required to not only graduate, but to be successful at U18 and beyond.


Objective and Philosophy


The overriding objective of the program is to significantly improve both individual and team conceptual skills (hockey sense) throughout the season. All players are given equal opportunity to play in all game situations. Players will not be benched, or have their shifts skipped as this will hinder development and team progress. The focus is not on wins and losses, but rather learning, development and building confidence in our players.

Players are given regular positive feedback on what they are doing well and how they can improve their game. Players are learning foundational skills and the commitment required to compete at the highest level.

The goal is to have these athletes best prepared for the high-performance programs at the U18, Junior, Collegiate, Provincial and National levels.

Players in the ADP program learn how to balance an elite level sport workload, schoolwork, and social life.




Significantly improve individual and team hockey skills in a comprehensive

program that incorporates on-ice professional skills instruction centring on individual skill.

Off-ice and on ice conceptual programming is designed to develop a better understanding of the game and to develop hockey sense.



Each team is given between 110-140 hours of practice time. 70% of practice time is dedicated to individual skills development delivered by a professional skating coach, hockey skills coach, and goaltending coaches. The off ice program includes strength and conditioning coaches, sports psychologist, and nutrition experts. These are all the resources in one place, not only helping players achieve success but doing so, in a cost-effective way for parents.


In addition to skills training, the players also focus on the conceptual (hockey sense) side. The additional 90-minute practice is run by the coaching staff and focus on team concepts, with the appropriate coaching corrections to be made throughout the season. On-ice decision making, reading plays and anticipation are included as part of the focus.

Video reviews are also used to re-enforce the development of these conceptual skills. Every game and practice are on video, in-game clips are utilized to show players what they are doing well and how they can be improved.

Players receive a package of plays emailed to them which they study and learn on their own.

It is also expected the players will commit to off-ice improvements. This means getting stronger and improving cardiovascular performance. With the rigours of the season, this is accomplished most effectively in the off season.


Concussion Baseline Testing


Concussion baseline testing is a mandatory requirement for all players enrolled in the Advanced Development Program. Concussion baseline testing is a pre-season exam that assesses an athlete's balance and brain function and compares pre and post head trauma. This includes learning and memory skills, the ability to pay attention or concentrate and how quickly an athlete solves problems



Stars Advanced Development Program Committee

John Wilson: President, Treasurer, Register


Scott Taylor: Vice President of Rep Hockey


John Janonski: Director of Player Development